Saving you postage while getting your magazines, newspapers,
flats, and other heavy mail to your constituents faster since 1993. USPS experts in
periodicals, flat sized mailings, bound printed matter, and library mail.

How it works

The Share

Information Gathering

During this time, we get to know each other and see if there is a fit between our organizations. If we are compatible, we move on to generating a proposal so you can make an intentive business decision.

The Collaboration

Making Business Decisions

In a clean and readable format, we provide various options for printing and mailing. These pricing options are typically based on quality and quantity. We explain the benefits of each and the projected total cost which could include printing, mailing, postage, and meeting expected completion date.

The Execution

Creativity in Business

We assign a project manager to your project, ensuring a direct line of communication. A schedule will be set into place for both of us as well as key performance indicators. Then, the work begins! You will be able to track the status of your job and communicate through the Order Dashboard.





Our Executive Team

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Peggy Lawson


Peggy utilizes her forty years of experience in marketing, administration, and data management.

Keith Lawson


As an active member of the community, Keith places special emphasis on continuing education and strives to help others by sharing his extensive work experience.

Paul Lawson

Vice President

Paul approaches each challenge diligently and conscientiously, always evolving with advancing technology.

Quick and Easy

A step by step guide through our process.

Lets Talk

  • Availability
Our heavy mail specialists are ready to take action and assist you in all of your print, mail and delivery needs! Open Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM MST.

Tell Us More

  • Details
Essentially, we need to discuss the details of your piece(s) in order to make your job easier, get faster delivery, and save postage!

All About Timing

  • When
We prioritize by our customers direct needs. If you have a need and it's urgent, we got your back.

Customized Just For You

  • Strategize
We develop a customized proposal that incorporates subscription list management, automation, printing, binding, mailing, logistics, and postage. This provides you with a scope of work and an estimated cost for your piece(s).

Staying Connected

  • Communicate
We get what we need from you by utilizing the dashboard and secure client portal. We may talk over the phone, email, drop-box, or use SFTP servers.


  • Confirmation
We establish an operating schedule that includes checklists that follow a certain criteria. Ultimately, this process leads to success and MBI will get you there.

Preparing to Print

  • Artwork
If you have art, sometimes it does come ready to print. If this is case, our prepress department takes care of everything and ensures that everything is to your satisfaction.

Getting the Data Ready

  • Sort and Track
Always abiding by the United States Postal Service (USPS) regulations, we handle everything. We process your data, look for relocated individuals, identify recently vacant addresses, and standardize the addresses for faster delivery. We then assign each mail piece a unique code so we can track at each stage, guaranteeing you informed delivery. Lastly, we sort the mail in order to ensure that we are using the least amount of postage to get the mail piece in home.

Proofing Your Piece

  • Guaranteed Access
We provide you a press proof as well as a return overnight envelope for your approval. When we go to press, we use that to match color to delta-E of 5 G7 standards. We require this proof back before we go to press and if something is not to your liking, we will provide you with a second proof with all of the necessary modifications.

Time to Print

  • Production
Finally, it is time to print the piece! Our team will produce your piece with excellence and ensure that everything is finished and addressed properly.

Mail for Delivery

  • USPS
Once everything is produced, we will seamlessly integrate your finished piece into the USPS postal delivery system. Your mail will be injected into the sorting and delivery process in a manner that saves you the most money while providing you the fastest delivery.

Stay Informed

  • Track Package
Our partnership with USPS allows us to track your mail in real time and know the projected time of arrival.

Finishing Touches

  • Confirmation and Billing
At this stage, we ship non-addressed pieces and overages to you, finalizing billing and auditing postage. We will send you the paperwork, provide you with postage receipts, and provide confirmation of the mailing.

Let's Do It Again!

  • Future Collaboration
Our job is complete, but we hope to continue working together in the future and helping you with all of your heavy-mail needs!


*** for quick reference, prices vary by size, quantity, paper, postage, and what we do for you




  • 50,000Magazines
  • 32Pages 8.5 x 11
  • 80#Text Gloss Cover
  • 60#Text Interior Spreads
  • Ink-jet with IMB for tracking
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  • 20,000Newspapers
  • 36Pages 9x12
  • Standard FSC Newsprint
  • Ink-jet with IMB for tracking
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  • 25,000Saddle Stitched Booklets
  • 28Page
  • 8.5x11Finished Size
  • 80#Gloss Text Self Cover
  • Ink-jet with IMB for tracking
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per day

  • 10,000200 page catalogs
  • 100#Gloss Coated Cover
  • 50#Gloss Text Interiors
  • 8.5x11 Finished Size
  • Ink-jet with PMB for tracking
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